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Well, I haven´t checked my DA-account for a long time and was quite shocked about the amount of messages waiting for me, mostly comments and favourites, some new watchers [<3] and other journal entries and yeah..

I´m so sorry I´m not replying to all those messages. Q____Q

I don´t want to be rude or impolite and I know it´s courteous on DA to say thanks and answer every comment but I simply doesn´t have the time to do so. *sigh*

So please don´t think I´m ignoring you I´m just very busy.

But I read every comment and I`m very glad to see that you like my works, it makes me really happy. <3

So once and for all: Thank you for your feedback, you´re the best. ;D
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Yopps, that´s it, I´m new here. ^^

I´m a 21 year old German girl, living in Nurenberg, Bavaria. To be honest, I had my last English lessons looooong ago, so I´m sorry for any mistakes I´m going to make. :P

For all German users here:

I´m also a member of named pink-mink there, so please don´t think I stole my own art. XD

I love drawing in Anime and Manga style, for almost 10 years, but I decided to upload only my new works here.

These works are "KAKAO"-themed, which is a German version of the "ACEO-Projekt" (


You are drawing on a paper which has the size of a trading card, 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

I really love doing this, it´s a challenge to produce pictures on this size without getting grubby and boring. ;)

Well, I hope you like my cards. ^^

Greetings from Germany, Marina
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